While in college in the early 60s, I read of a young man in the Philippines who worked for a merchant so he could listen to the Voice of America. I said to my folks, ‘Why don’t we sent him a radio?’ Fine, we sent one. He was very glad to get it. After four days it broke, so we sent another.

Then he told us his cousin, Andres, needed a wheelchair. I wrote saying if they could send us something from the Philippines, we’d work on a chair. We received two beautiful handbags. I found an old wheelchair and was ready to ship it, when I got a chance to go to NY to look for work. The project fell into the hands of my noble parents. The old chair was inadequate so they found a new one and sent it. It didn’t arrive.

Then followed a great many letters among my parents, andres, and the co. that shipped it. Things work diff in the 3rd world.

Finally the chair arrived, very much appreciated.

Recently I came across the old file they had kept on this. I wrote Andres to learn the wheelchair had many repairs, serves him still, and ‘helped a lot in my everyday life.’

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