Losers Party

                                                                       Our sympathies,   You’ve been invited to a



  Losers   Party



8:30       Uptight and melodramatic introductions.


9:00       Phony conversation, gossip, tension, anxiety.


10:00      Painful silences, resentment, withdrawal, passivity, defeatism.


11:00      Deep melancholy, soft cello music.



Quiet time for those who hate their jobs and themselves.




12:00    Tragedy workshops:


         – How to grow old and peculiar gracefully.


          – How to be used and abused discretely.


          – Self-pity self-taught.


          – Single neurosis and career psychosis.


          – Why your shrink hates my shrink.




1:00    Referrals to internet dates along the singles’ circuit.



Take a break from your four-wall weekend for some class commiseration.



          – Free sedatives


          – Quality rejections


          – New hang-ups to replace old ones


          – Snacks from vending machines

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